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Live a resilient and fulfilled life
Many of my clients come to therapy feeling like they’re always “working on” themselves, but not really getting anywhere. Sometimes they feel pushed by a judgmental inner-voice that drives them so hard that the effort becomes counterproductive. I help clients channel that intense energy into a collaborative relationship with themselves, which helps them see the change they want in their lives, while feeling more at ease day to day. My areas of expertise include helping clients through depression, anxiety, anger, grief, relationship concerns, trauma, and implementing mindfulness practice.!

How I work
I believe in the value of an accepting relationship in therapy. This process can range from deep and open listening, to actively collaborating on a specific problem. I also have specialized
training and expertise in Mindfulness Practice and EMDR techniques.
Mindfulness Practice. Mindfulness Practice can have a powerful impact on moving therapy forward. I have devoted 20 years of my life to learning how mindfulness influences healing, including my Contemplative Psychotherapy graduate degree from Naropa University, intensive retreat practice, yoga, and movement-based forms of mindfulness. The research now confirms what I’ve seen in my clients
for years: Mindfulness Practice reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves relationships, and helps people feel more peaceful and clear in their day-to-day lives. Maybe you are curious about Mindfulness Practice, and would like help getting started. Maybe
you have an ongoing practice, but feel stuck or confused about it sometimes. I can help tie your mindfulness practice together with your therapy so that they support each other in unique and meaningful ways.

Some of my patients come to treatment knowing that they have faced some horrors in their past that may be holding them back now. This experience can take the form of anxiety, panic attacks,
nightmares, and confusion in relationships. I am trained in EMDR, a brain-based, research- validated approach to therapy which uses specific eye movements to help “reprocess” traumatic memories. Many patients report that EMDR has helped them release pain in ways that traditional talk therapy was not able to reach.

I accept BCBS, Tricare, and Humana as an in-network provider. Many insurance plans will reimburse some of my services on an out-of-network basis. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about costs and insurance reimbursement. Together, let’s help you see your potential and turn it into the change you want.

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John Riley, LPC